Sunday, July 16, 2006

Name That Quote Part 2

Name the T.V. show in which these lines are said:

Person 1: Here is where you are wrong, my friend. This woman has killed before.
Person 2: Allegedly.
Person 1: Okay, whatever. But she was a big girl. We are talking about a large, healthy woman of questionable stability.
Person2: Oh, you are totally underestimating the never-say-die scrappiness of a survivor.
Person 3: Hey, guess what? Nobody cares who would win in a crazy fantasy fist-fight between Anne Frank and Lizzie Borden.

Person 1: Come on! They have one female servicing a large group of males. That implies a species that lays eggs.
Person2: Oh my God, you're crazy! They're so obviously mammals!
Person 1: Please! She'd be in estrus 24/7 if she didn't lay eggs.
Person 2: Smurfs don't lay eggs! I won't tell you this again! Papa Smurf has a f***ing beard! They're mammals!

Person 1: [my brother] and I just woke up on the floor. We were playing Ouija and a guy hypnotized us.
Person 2: [Son]?
Person 1: With his magical Dracula powers.
Person 2: [Son] I'm going to turn around now and you'd better be on fire. You're standing there in flames and the only person who can put you out is me! Because that is the only conceivable reason that you would wake me up like this!

Person 1: What powers this device?
Person 2: Oh, you know, the usual stuff.
Person 1: "Person 2"...
Person 2: Well, ok, there might have been ONE foreign part.
Person 1: Such as?
Person 2: A, um... [mutters]
Person 1: What was that?
Person 2: A, uh... orphan
Person 1: Did you say... an ORPHAN? This monstrosity is powered by a forsaken child?
Person 2: Well, not ALL of it! I didn't use the whole thing!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Top 5 Worst Anime Endings

Alright I was watching the ending of Cowboy Bebop the other day and thought "Man they hardly wrapped up anything. It seems like the Japanese just can't come up with a good ending for their shows." Maybe it was because of that thought, or because it was about 2:00 in the morning, but all of a sudden I was inspired to write a list of the worst anime endings I had seen. Eventually I got about seven, and I realized that I must have ten, so I tried to think up three more, and eventually I gave up, so I decided to just have 5. So I proudly present the top 5 worst anime endings.
(Warning this has spoilers)

ESCAFLOWNE- Man if there is one ending I hate, it is one that is rushed, and completly misses the point of the whole series, and guess what Escaflowne has both of those. Now I realize that this is probably blasphemy to many of you anime lovers, but I'm going to come out and say it. Escaflowne does not merit the high praise you people give it. The main character was annoying, the auxilary characters were largely ignored, the villains were ludicrous (The main one was freaking Isaac Newton, and another one turned out to be one of the main character's sisters, but she was a DUDE. WTF!!!!!), and the music was not that great. The ending just completely ignored the little love story that was the backbone of the series, and basically restored things to the status quo, making most of the happenings in the story pointless.

COWBOY BEBOP- Sure it had a great fight scene, but the finale left the viewer hanging, and was not a satisfying conclusion to the series. The final scene is basically the main character collapsing, leaving the viewer wondering whether he was alive or dead, and some plot points were left unanswered. I can respect an ending that is purposely vague to set up a planned movie or something, but this is ridiculous, and as of this writing there is no sequel or movie being planned for Bebop.

Wolf's Rain- Now I didn't really like this series, but I always had a little interest in finding out if the wolves would make it to paradise, and, much like escaflowne, the ending basically forgot the entire point of the show and reverted everything to the status quo, which basically made the series pointless. I mean they could have at least killed off all the main characters, or had the world end, but no this anime decided to have everything go back to status quo, by replaying the beginning of the series. Darn lazy writting.

BIG O- I am including the entire first and second season in this. The first ending to Big O was bad, but the second was worse. Basically it was like Wolf's Rain in that the ending was a replay of the first scene of the series, implying that time was reversed, making the whole series pointless. The reason why Big O is behind Wolf's Rain is that the story is unfinished, and this is not the ending the creators had intended for it. Apparently a third season was planned to wrap up the story of Roger Smith, and the ending of the Second season would lead to the third, meaning that the events of the series may not have been in vain. However we will never know because Big O has been canceled again.

RAHXEPHON-Man I can't really tell you what happened here, but it looked alot like two giant robots having sex. I had watched this series under the assumption that it was better than evangelion, but the only thing it was better at was having a weirder ending. The whole series was just weird, and I think the creators must have eaten some of the brownies that were being served to the writers of Bobobo-bo bo-bobo prior to writing the ending, because the Rahxephon finale made absolutely no sense whatsoever.