Friday, October 13, 2006

Venture Bros. Season One DVD Review

Alright you guys know how much I love the venture Bros. so I'm writting a review of the first season. The DVD sales have been excellent, and this set even reached #1 on Amazon's best seller list. Everyone needs to go out and buy this set, It is awesome!!

Disc One
Dia De los Dangerous-3.4* this was a pretty good episode, but the animation was a little crude, and there was some unnecessary exposition. The whole monarch origin sequence was kind of awkardly initiated, but the writers have done a better job with the recent origin sequences (Phantom limb has like 3 origins, and none of them are verified). But the opening sequence of this show is so awesome, and it touces on some of my favorite urban legends, chupacabra and stolen kidneys (Awesome).

Careers in Science-3.5* I thought this episode was aweful the first time I watched it, but when I watched it again I thought it was alot better. Watch out for PHANTOM SPACEMAN!!!

Mid-ife Chrysalis-1.5* This episode just sucks, the main plot involves Doc. Venture being turned into a giant caterpillar, ala metamorphosis, and there just aren't many jokes or entertaining moments. Oh well.

Eeny, Meeny, Miney...Magic-3.3* This episode features the debut of Doctor Orpheus, and is a pretty good episode. Not alot of action, but this episode deserves an extra half point for the Marco Polo scene.

The Incredible Mr. Brisby-3.2* Really good episode with a parody of Walt Disney who forcibly enlists Doc. Venture to create a clone of himself...Foreshadowing? Otherwise this was a pretty neat episode and also features the debut of Molotov name ever!

Tag Sale You're it!-4.5* Awesome episode, everything is funny from the opening scene ("If I had it my way you'd all be in skirts") to the final credits. This episode also initiates the infamous Anne Frank vs. Lizzie Borden debate (Anne Frank would win of course "She's scrappy")

Home Insecurity-3* I don't really like this episode, but it has the most epic opening sequence, and has the best asassination attempt on Doc. Venture ever. I didn't care for the six million dollar man parody or the Big foot appearance though.

Ghosts of the Sargasso-3.8* A pretty good episode that lampoons all those old Scooby Doo stereotype villains. Also I like the parody of Captain America parody with the Action Man.

Disc Two

Ice Station--Impossible!-3* A pretty lackluster episode that really shouldn't be that bad. Stephen Colbert voices a character, and it even has a parody of the Fantastic four, but I just didn't enjoy it that much. Race Bannon from Johnny Quest has a Cameo also.

Are You There, God? Its Me Dean.-4.2* No man can watch this and not be afraid, it introduces two of the most horrible genitalia related ailements known to man. One is the dreaded Candiru, and the other...Testicular Torsion (FREAKING SCARY! OH MY GOD I DID NOT NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THAT SHIT). Because of these horrible genital related ailements I was not able to enjoy the episode the first time I saw it, and the second time just freaked me out, but the third time was a charm and I loved it. THe show is hilarious, and it even has the sequel to the Anne Franke Lizzie Borden debate, in the form of whether smurfs are mammals or reptiles.

Past Tense-4.8* When an old college roommate of Doc Venture kidnaps him, Brock Baron Underbheit, and Pete White, It's up to Hank and Dean to reunite Team Venture and save their Doc. and Brock. A really well done episode, and very funny, the whole League of Extraordinary Gentleman parody is hilarious.

The Trial of the Monarch-4.8* I could never properly describe the awesomeness of this episode so I give you the greatest quote ever. "While you were busy castrating I priceless artifact, I have been busy feeding babies to hungry mutated puppies"

Return to Spiderskull Island-4.9* The only thing bringing this episode down is the odd opening sequence that was not properly explained. Apparently the writers had to cut a few scenes out of this episode, and the one that explains the entire opening sequence was cut. Oh well, still an awesome episode.

Bonus episodes

The terrible secret of Turtle Bay-3* has some great lines and has the best euphemism for sex ever "The Mommy and Daddy dance".

A Very Venture Christmas-5* YESSS Somebody else thinks the Krampaus is funny also

There are a few commentaries, but the creators get distracted talking about how they met, divulging secrets (that get bleeped out), and even talking about which characters they would have sex with female and male?!?!
Aside from the commentaries there are much better extras like the animating Hank and Dean Segment, and the Behind the Scenes of the Venture Bros. Live Action Movie Featurette. Then there's also deleted scenes, but those aren't that great.

Overall I say that you must go out and buy this DVD set, It's awesome.


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Ah yes one of my oldest fans has returned to congratulate me on my continued success blogging about anime. Thank you citizen, your support is appreciated.

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