Sunday, July 16, 2006

Name That Quote Part 2

Name the T.V. show in which these lines are said:

Person 1: Here is where you are wrong, my friend. This woman has killed before.
Person 2: Allegedly.
Person 1: Okay, whatever. But she was a big girl. We are talking about a large, healthy woman of questionable stability.
Person2: Oh, you are totally underestimating the never-say-die scrappiness of a survivor.
Person 3: Hey, guess what? Nobody cares who would win in a crazy fantasy fist-fight between Anne Frank and Lizzie Borden.

Person 1: Come on! They have one female servicing a large group of males. That implies a species that lays eggs.
Person2: Oh my God, you're crazy! They're so obviously mammals!
Person 1: Please! She'd be in estrus 24/7 if she didn't lay eggs.
Person 2: Smurfs don't lay eggs! I won't tell you this again! Papa Smurf has a f***ing beard! They're mammals!

Person 1: [my brother] and I just woke up on the floor. We were playing Ouija and a guy hypnotized us.
Person 2: [Son]?
Person 1: With his magical Dracula powers.
Person 2: [Son] I'm going to turn around now and you'd better be on fire. You're standing there in flames and the only person who can put you out is me! Because that is the only conceivable reason that you would wake me up like this!

Person 1: What powers this device?
Person 2: Oh, you know, the usual stuff.
Person 1: "Person 2"...
Person 2: Well, ok, there might have been ONE foreign part.
Person 1: Such as?
Person 2: A, um... [mutters]
Person 1: What was that?
Person 2: A, uh... orphan
Person 1: Did you say... an ORPHAN? This monstrosity is powered by a forsaken child?
Person 2: Well, not ALL of it! I didn't use the whole thing!


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