Monday, February 27, 2006

The Big O II

All right many of you may wonder why I am reviewing Big O II, and not Big O I. Well the short answer is "NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS B***H".
Big O II has one of the most inventive concepts in the Giant Robot Genre of anime. This quote from anime academy captures the gist of it, "Forty years ago, an unknown event left the citizens of Paradigm City without any memories."

With the introduction over...."IT'S SHOW TIME"

Visual Quality-18 points. The character designs for this show are awesome, They don't look anything like the usual anime designs, in other words they are creative. The fight scenes are well put together, and the coloring is much improved over Big O I. There is no major flaw with the animation, but it just doesn't have that extra punch needed to get a perfect score.

Plot-36 points. One of the big problems I had with Big O I was that the episodes were all one-shots, and went through the villian of the week cycle. Fortunately, unlike Big O I, Big O II has more of a story. Background characters, from the first season, return with bigger plans, and the villian of the week trend is largely eliminated. Many subplots are incorporated, and overall the story is very good. However, I had some trouble understanding several of the romantic subplots, and the ending is just plain wacky.....Ha wacky that's a funny word.

Characters-27points. One of the upsides of Big O is that it has a well developed cast. Most of the focus is placed on the main character Roger Smith, but the supporting cast is also well developed. Many new characters are introduced in this season, and their backgrounds are mostly neglected, which is the only downside to this show's characters.

Music-7 points. Most of the background music is pretty cool, but it is repeated alot. The opening theme song kind of sucks. It's mainly a chorus of people saying "Big O.....Big O Big O BIG OOOOO".

All right lets see Visual Quality-18 points, Plot-36 points, Characters-27 points, Music-7 points, what could this possibly add up to?

Overall score-88

Friday, February 17, 2006

Princess Mononoke (Revisited)

Ok the first time I reviewed this, I think I was unduely harsh on it. After watching the movie again, I decided to tweak the points awarded, and increase the grade. Originally I had awarded mononoke a 91.

Well I have been wanting to review this movie for about a week now. After just viewing it less than half an hour ago all that I have to say is wow. This is an amazing work of art, and I highly recommend it to any movie fan. With the intro over lets get on with the show.

Visual quality-20 points. This is a movie by Studio Ghibli, with a very high production value, if anything this should recieve more than 20 points. Everything from the epic battle scenes to the visuals of the forest gods, looks amazing. This is definetly one of the better animated movies produced by studio Ghibli.

Plot-39 points This movie is pretty good for an anime movie. Usually anime movies will not make any sense *cough* Akira *cough*, or they are so stupid that they bore you to death. The pacing in this movie is excellent, with a well balanced series of revelations and twists, there is almost no downtime in this movie. The only fault I had was that the beggining was a little slow, but the rest of the movie more than makes up for it

Characters-24 points If there is a flaw in this movie it would be with the characters. You don't really know anything about them. Sure you have an idea of them, but no past is revealed at all. The movie could have devoted a few scenes to background info. However, the movie is saved by some good lines, and interesting interactions, one of my favorite parts of this movie is that thereis no clear cut bad guy, everyone has somewhat noble intentions.

Music-10 points. the music in this movie is extraordinary. Once again since this is a feature length production, with a feature sized budget, the music is of a great quality. This soundtrack is fully orchestrated, and is appropriate for every situation it is used in.
So lets add up the scores, and see what I have given this amazing movie.

Visual quality-20 points, Plot-39 points, Characters-24 points, and Music-10 points.

Overall score- 93

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Fullmetal Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist

All right as anyone who has read a few posts on my blog could have figured out, I really like Fullmetal Alchemist. This is one of, if not the best anime series out there.
Since this is the first post in my new Anime is Blasphemy blog, I will go over my review system.

Animes will be graded on

Visual Quality-How well the show is animated. How does it look. A total of 20 points given here

Plot-Does the story make sense, does it make you think, does it seem well written. 40 points can be recieved here

Characters-after the show can you remember more than 3 character names, better yet can you say anything about their personalities. 30 points can be recieved here.

Music-Very important to animes. I'm not that big a fan of J-pop, but good music in an anime sure is nice. A total of 10 points can be given here.

So with the exposition over lets get on with the show.

Visual Quality-18 points. This is one of the best looking shows around, and the battle scenes are so well done, that you often find yourself staring blankly at the screen trying to absorb all the awesomeness. Sometimes some episodes seem better animated than others, but this only occurs in the middle of the series. Overall Studio Bones, an animating studio, has outdone themselves with this show.

Plot-37 points This is where Fullmetal Alchemist really stands out from the rest of the pack. I would say that this show would be near the level of the writing on Lost. The story line constantly builds on itself, and there are very little filler episodes. An even more amazing feature of this anime is how many secrets can be revealed to the viewer if they watch carefully. Either through careful writting, or extreme foresight, every revelation in this show makes sense. Little hints are dropped throughout the story, and looking for these hints adds greatly to the show's replay value. Only problem I had, was that some of the relationships could have been explored more.

Characters-30 points. Just about every character in this show has some significant impact on the story. The brothers Ed and Al, are the most developed by the end of the show, but side characters also are developed. It would be easier to name the characters that this show did not develop than the characters that they did. Out of all the characters, the ones that seem to be the most neglected are mustang's troops, and one or two of the homunculi. Otherwise.......amazing.....perfect....flawless. Next category.

Music- 10 points. This is also an area in which fullmetal excels. The entire soundtrack is fully orchestrated. The music is catchy, and the opening theme songs are some of the best I have seen in an anime. Enough said

Overall score- 95