Friday, September 22, 2006

DVD Review!!!

Alright there folks I'm doing something a little different today, I'm reviewing a DVD, specificallyBatman Beyond: Return of the Joker, The original, uncut Version. This is a pretty crazy movie, and let me begin things off by saying how freaking hard it was to get a hold of this thing. Every Best Buy I went to had the edited version of this movie that's like seven minutes shorter. Just go to wikipedia and see all the edits made to this movie, it's hilarious. Lets begin things off with a review divided into 5 categories: Story, Characters, Picture, Extras, Replayability.

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Story: I need to say one thing first: THIS MOVIE IS NOT FOR THE CHILDREN! It is freaking twisted, and the joker does some horrible stuff. However, my scientific tests have proven that if you are over 13 then you probably won't be too heavily traumatized, so go ahead and watch it. When the Batman Beyond series began, it really rejected convention, by giving the new Batman his own villains (not just updated versions of the originals), and by not really focusing on the how the old Batman grew to become a bitter old man. Needless to say some fans of the original Batman show were a little disappointed with this new one.Well Batman fans finally got their wish with this movie, which not only brings back batman's most famous enemy, but it also tells the original Batman's last battle with the Joker. Overall I thought that this movie was really well done, and it pretty much stays interesting from beginning to end, with no dull time. With a really great confrontation at the end providing a bittersweet ending to the movie.

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Characters: I really liked the updated character designs for this movie, the older Bruce Wayne, the new Batman, and all of the joker's henchmen really looked cool. I should really make a comment on how they fixed the Joker's character design, in the Batman cartoon that preceded this, the joker looked horrible, but in the flashback scene for this movie, they made the joker alot cooler looking. The future version of the Joker is kind of plain, but one must consider that the writers were trying to make him alot darker, and more serious. To do this, they made him cut out some of the goofy aspects of his design, and focused on a more Hannibal Lecter type look for him.

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Extras: This movie has the best extras of any animated Batman Movie, There is a great audio commentary, a bit of a fluff piece documentary advertising Batman Beyond, a music video, deleted scenes, and animatics. Of these the audio commentary is the most informative, and best overall extra. Everything else is pretty much standard, but I always enjoy hearing what the creator's thoughts on their movie.

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Picture: This movie looks great, and this leads me to how this movie relates to anime, this movie was animated entirely in Japan. Also notable is the vibrant coloring in this movie, entirely computer generated.

Replayability: I'm not sure if replayability is a word, and if it isn't then I'm taking credit for it, and you JERKS AREN'T ALLOWED TO USE IT WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!!!! I would say that the complex nature of this movie would definetly warrant a second viewing.

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So overall I highly recommend getting this movie, if you can find it.


At September 24, 2006 9:36 AM, Blogger Aimless Anarchist said...

Overall, with all the high tech gadgets, in my personal opinion Batman beyond lost the heroism involved in the original Batman and the whole plot is way over melodramati and is a complete remake of he original. Why watch it?

At September 25, 2006 4:49 PM, Blogger Rabbit-man said...

Sure he had a high tech suit, but Batman Beyond still had heroism. The guy had no reason to become Batman other than the fact that he felt the need to redeem himself for past actions. I don't see where the plot is melodramatic, the show was alot darker then the original if that's what you are talking about.

Also I'm just curious to learn how much of Batman Beyond you have actually seen.


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