Monday, September 25, 2006

Harry Potter and the HEART OF DARKNESS!!!!!

Apparently Batman was pulled over for drunk driving in Scotland, and police discovered his buddy Superman riding shotgun, also drunk. Now I know what you are thinking, but I'm not making this up, go check this website. All I have to say is that I am sorely disappointed, I mean it seems like all these "police" are doing lately is arresting blessed symbols of christianity for being associated with drinking and driving. I mean first Mel Gibson, now Superman!!! Who's next?

You know what? This is all Batman's fault, that jerk was just trouble from the beginning, and now look at what he's dragging superman into. YOU HEAR ME BATMAN, LEAVE SUPERMAN ALONE HE DOESN'T WANT ANY OF YOUR GIGGLE WATER, (well apparently he does, but alcoholism is a sickness, he can't help it, unlike you Batman! DO YOU BEHAVE THIS WAY WITH ROBIN? FOR GOD'S SAKE HE'S A MINOR YOU CAN'T BE GIVING HIM BEER!!!!)!!!!! So we should all seek to get superman some help, and check him into a rehab center. BUT WAIT, it's Scottland, they have no rehab centers there.

That's it, I say we all go out and find Batman and freaking kill him, he just perverted not only a blessed symbol of christianity, but also a symbol of Americana (he's a jewish symbol also). I for one won't let this stand, and I say we also lead an assault on Scotland soon. We'll make those god damned drunken Scots pay!!!!!!


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